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Titan Fencer
November 13, 2017

Sports are synonymous with high school. From Friday-night lights to day-long track meets, high school students compete in a variety of extracurricular athletics.

At Blessed Trinity, one student walks the halls ranked in the top 20 of his sport.

Michael Shinholster, class of 2019, is currently ranked 19th in the United States in fencing. “When I was 10, I was getting tired of basketball and my mom found a Groupon for a (fencing) camp in Atlanta. I went and did a week of fencing,” Shinholster said, “I found out one of the guys at the camp had a club near my house. I started going there and quit basketball and started fencing because it was a lot more fun and I was good at it.”

Recently, the junior’s fencing has taken him overseas for competition, “I went to Klagenfurt, Austria. I had never been out of the country before, so it was a good experience.”

Michael was comfortable being in central Europe, “I already knew some German, because my dad is fluent. It was different, but I acclimated pretty well. It was fun”

There are three categories of fencing; epee, foil and sabre. Shinholster competes with the epee.

“I’m looking at fencing in college, but the system is a lot different. You have to fence everyone on the other team to a smaller amount of points. The rules are different,” he said.

Fencing is one of the 26 sports that are a part of the Summer Olympics. Both men and women compete at the Games. “If I see the path to the Olympics, I’ll do it, but I don’t want to get to the point where that’s the only thing I do. My immediate goals are to do more international tournaments and go to a few more world cups.”