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Home and School

2017-2018 Home and School Executive Board

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

The Home and School Association exists to assist the staff and faculty of Blessed Trinity Catholic High School in providing our students with a nurturing environment that transforms lives in Christ. Our goal is to provide a vehicle for all families to offer input and insight into our priorities that will improve the spiritual, educational, and social experiences of our children.


President: Shannon Treanor Shannon@treanor.org
Vice President: Cathy Swade c.swade@comcast.net
Secretary: Irene Johnson irenejoej@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Lauren Gonzales Lauren.Gonzalez@am.jll.com
Community Activities: Shannon Erbs serbs70@gmail.com
Spiritual: Susan Milani susan.milani@comcast.net
Student Activities: Karin Smith smith8063@bellsouth.net and Heather Griffin griffinmatthew@bellsouth.net