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The Jungle Book

Date: 10/18-19/2017
Time: 7:30 PM - Friday & Saturday
Location: Blessed Trinity Catholic High School
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Cast List

Kite #1 Elena LaRoss *

Kite #2 Erin McDaniel *

Kite #3 Kyra Montes

Kite #4 Maddie Miller*

Kite #5 Teresa Bascle*

Wolf #1 Sarah Sheeley

Wolf #2 Ryan Palmieri

Mother Wolf Aiden Foley*

Father Wolf Thomas Leach*

Tabaqui Hunter Lanius*

Funky Maggie O’Neill*

Cheeky Brogan Smith

Trout Lucy Tschetter-Gaus*

Kaa Carolyn Shipley*

Bagheera Jack Wallace*

Baloo Sean Doherty*

Wolf Cub #1 Ben Leach

Akela Jack Birth*

Shere Khan Jacob Franke

Wolf Cub #2 Brendan McDonnell

Mowgli Michelle Shah*

Messua Emma Bulthuis*

Wolves Juliette Hopkins, Lily Mays, Haven George*

*Also in Theatre Production Class/Stage Door Cast

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