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Photography/Adventure Club


Moderators: Ms. Conway

Club Description:

We are the adventurous, the fun-loving, the energetic and carefree. We may or may not be athletic or artistic, but we love to get outside, have a great time and take lots of photos! We have traveled to Cumberland Island and the Georgia coast, the mountains and rivers of Georgia and Tennessee, and downtown Atlanta where we photograph the places and people we meet along the way. In the late Spring, we have a photography exhibit of our PAC members’ work. We are fairly evenly split between boys and girls and among all four classes. Everyone is welcome to join!

Club members suggest activities, assess feasibility, plan, organize and implement. In the past we have gone camping, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and visited a haunted house. Future activities will be determined by the interests of our members.

Membership Dues:

$20.00 per year. this includes your PAC tee-shirt!

$10.00 per year without the tee-shirt.

Students can join anytime during the school year.

You do not have to be a member (except for the overnight trips). However, if you are not a PAC member you will not get a tee-shirt, first choice of activities, and you will have to pay an additional $10-$20 per activity.

Meeting Dates/Times:

Varies throughout the year. We have a meeting before each activity, and if you are going on that activity, you must attend that meeting. We also have a meeting for all members at the beginning of the school year to answer questions and give you your tee-shirt. We keep these meeting as short as possible.

You can get Works of Mercy service hours. In the past, we have worked with the Roswell Parks and Recreation to clean the Big Creek wetlands. And we are also going to partner with other clubs at BT, such as Habit For Humanity, to participate with them.

Life is an adventure…participate!