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Our House System allows us to create smaller communities within our school community.  When students begin at our school, they are randomly assigned to one of our eight houses:  Aquinas, Dante, Goretti, Kolbe, LaSalle, Seton, Vianney, and Xavier.  An exception is made for siblings only who are placed in the same house.

The leadership for each of our houses consists of a house director, five faculty/staff family mentors, two elected senior captains, and one elected representative from the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades.  These elected 40 student leaders serve as our Student Government for the year.

Blessed Trinity instituted the House System in 2007 to help students acclimate quickly to their new school and feel an immediate sense of belonging.  Not only are all students affiliated with a house, but each house is further divided into five families.  These smaller groups meet with a family mentor most Wednesdays for 20 minutes. Within our families, students have an opportunity to interact regularly with a small group of students from all grade levels.

Houses compete for points in several ways: attending designated athletic and fine arts events, making honor roll, and taking part in house tournaments and other house competitions throughout the school year.  Houses compete for “House of the Month” and ultimately “House of the Year.”

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