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GRACE Scholars

GRACE Children with Catholic Education by Redirecting Your Taxes.

Did you know?

There is a new law that allows Georgia tax payers to provide scholarships to students entering Catholic Schools throughout all of Georgia.  You can designate Blessed Trinity or designate funds to go to students who are economically disadvantaged.  Your redirection of your tax dollars to GRACE will result in a 100% dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

You can help Catholic Schools.

You can help people afford Catholic Education.

You receive a dollar-for-dollar, 100% tax credit for your help.

What a wonderful opportunity to make Catholic education accessible to all.

   -Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory

For more information on how to redirect your tax dollars to GRACE and obtain a 100% tax credit, please visit or or 404-885-7410.

For instructions on completing the GRACE form and submission process, CLICK HERE.