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Speed Strength & Conditioning



The Blessed Trinity Speed, Strength, & Conditioning program is committed to the education of the total individual - mind/body/spirit.  The program is designed around the latest research in the area of strength, performance training, and wellness.  The objectives are to reduce the risk of injury by improving mobility and stability, maximize performance, and improve quality of life.  The program emphasizes safety, proper technique, understanding muscle recruitment patterns, and program planning through the concept of periodization and progression.  The program is designed to implement 7 pillars:  prehab, movement prep, plyos, movement skills, strength, ESD, and regeneration.  ESD (conditioning) will give students an understanding of aerobic, lactate, and alactate thresholds.  In addition, the program is designed to improve linear, lateral, and mult-directional movement.

The Jessica Turner Memorial Fieldhouse

Blessed Trinity offers 22 varsity sports, and each has the opportunity to train in one of the finest high school facilities in Georgia.  The Jessica Turner Memorial Fieldhouse is equipped with 2 full size locker room facilities, a multi-purpose video analysis room, coaches offices, a state of the art athletic training facility, and a 2,500 square foot strength center.  The facility features 6 custom-built, multi-purpose platforms, 4 bench stations, 4 dumbbell stations, cable machines for multi-plane movements, a physioball, med ball, and speed/agility area.  Core training is an integral part of the Titan exercise program.  The strength center provides a glute-ham machine, and over 30 medicine balls and physioballs for core exercises.  To enhance speed and agility, the facility also provides work space for linear, lateral, and multi-directional movement exercises.  In all, the facility houses 25 training stations in the strength center, plus additional space due to the adjacent location to the football stadium, practice fields, and track. 

The speed, strength, & conditioning program is integrated with the athletic training staff.  Working with the athletic training staff enables students access to additional units on nutrition and rehabilitation.