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Learning and Writing Center

The Learning Center (Room 611)


The Learning Center's mission is to serve and enrich the BT student body by providing additional academic support resources for students with special learning needs.  The goal of the Learning and Writing Center is to assist in the development of the individual student’s academic potential.  The individual learner is guided through a process of discovery in order to understand their own unique strengths and weaknesses and to use this knowledge to achieve success.  The Learning Center believes that every student has the ability to be successful and it is our mission to help students find that path to success.


9th & 11th Grade Students should contact Mrs. Mary McCullough for assistance.


10th & 12tth Grade students should contact Mrs. Debi Miller for assistance.



  STARS (Students Teaching and Reaching Students) is a peer tutoring service moderated by Mrs. Mary McCullough.   Its mission is to provide peer academic support to any students who need it.  Please refer to the STARS Club section on the website for further details and STARS links. 



Private Tutors


The Learning Center can also recommend private tutoring resources for students who may need more learning support than a STARS tutor can provide.