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Welcome to the Clubs and Organizations section of our Web site. We have placed the school’s various clubs and organizations in six separate categories on the left-hand column. Please take a few minutes and visit some of the activities that keep our students, faculty, and our parents busy and engaged. 

If you are interested in starting a new club, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • find a faculty moderator who will agree to sponsor the club
  • demonstrate interest from students in belonging to/participating in the club
  • keep membership dues under $10/year (exceptions must be approved)
  • be able to provide monthly updates on membership and club activities
  • submit a typed proposal for the club to Mrs. Hurley, who will review it and contact you about its potential inclusion on the club list. This proposal must include
    • Name of the Club
    • Moderator of Club
    • Meeting Times/Locations
    • Description of the Club
    • Equipment Needed/Startup Expenses
    • Dues Information
    • Evidence of Student Interest

Remember, all clubs must be in alignment with Catholic values and appropriate for high school students. Simply turning in a written proposal does not guarantee acceptance of the club. Mrs.Hurley will be in contact with you about your club.